Aylin Myumyunova

Art has always been a passion of mine from a very early age. I consider myself to be an experimental Artist and truthfully I never know what I am likely to produce next.

Much of my work is a well developed facility for drawing and keen eye for detail. Much of my strongest work is a result of direct observation of the life model as well as the local environment. Recently I produced life drawings, photographs, and paintings of the female body. Also a have an interest in the old architecture which resulted in one of my exhibition in Orpheus Gallery in Cyprus.







My specialties are portraits, murals, fresco painting, sculpture, still life, landscape, photorealism, iconography, abstract, and expressionism.

Education and Work experience

Aylin Myumyunova was born in Bulgaria in 1980. She graduated from ‘Canko Lavrenov’ High school specializing in Painting and Sculpture. In 2003, she did a foundation course in Art and Design at the ‘College of North West London’.

She also holds certificate in Digital Imaging from Westminster Adult Education Servise in London.

In 2004-06, Aylin Myumyunova enrolled and completed an ASET certificate in the ‘Cyprus College of Art’ in Paphos and Limassol, under the tuition of the famous painter and Art teacher, Stass Paraskos.

In 2006-07, she continued her University degree in ‘Buckinghamshire University’ in the UK. While completing her Bachelor Degree in September 2007, Myumyunova painted Murals and trompe l’oel murals with Garry Myatt, Commissioned by Prestigious Hotels and Restaurants in the UK and Scotland.

In 2008, Aylin completed her Masters Degree in Fine Arts at UEL in London.

In March 2009, she took part of a workshop titled ‘The gabion Project’ – a competition for the Olympic Park structure at the Royal College of Art. Her team won First place. After 6 years of Teaching Art Aylin took descission to dedicate her entire time on developing her Painting technique skills while working on personal subjects and commissions.


  • 2018 Thiseas Gallery – Cyprus / Solo
  • 2017 SM Gallery- Sweden / Solo
  • 2010 Sea Tower Gallery – Cyprus / Group
  • 2008 Red Gate Gallery – London / Group
  • 2004 Orpheus Gallery – Cyprus /  Group


Some of my contemporary works I have produced are strong and bold with many raised textures and materials used adding to the interest of the dark tones that overlay a number of pieces, allowing for the brighter colors to shine through the upper layers.

Art investigation,
Analysis & Research.






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